Graphic Designer

Timberlake Cabinetry

Timberlake Cabinetry offers a line of cabinets specifically for builders and professionals sold at The Home Depot.

Social Media, Motion Graphics

While I was at TWA, I worked on a variety of social media and digital assets from email newsletters to paid advertisements for online shopping service, Klarna.
Bene Botanicals 

Bene Botanicals offers olive leaf tisane tea sourced directly from small farms in Italy.

This direction brings forward the handcrafted nature of the tea through a loose, organic wordmark, and photography that features rich, natural elements and textures. 

2020 BFA Thesis Show
Branding, Site Development

Two of my friends and I were chosen to brand the Boston University 2020 BFA Thesis Show.

Our branding concept draws inspiration from the Kunsthalle and the School of Visual Arts’ rich history, and is grounded in form through the Rule of Thirds and points of interest. We were especially interested in the importance and weight of 2020 as a year, but we couldn’t have imagined back in October when we first proposed our branding, how important these inspirations and grounding concepts would be to both our practice and our thesis show as designers and artists.

Brand Matrix
Editorial, Installation

In a group of four, we designed and coordinated an installation inspired by the article Brand Matrix by Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio.

Our main source of inspiration was Christopher Doyle’s Identity Guidelines. We were drawn to the absurdity of treating a person like a logo and creating a strict set of guidelines and wanted to apply this to ourselves in a humorous and ironic way.
Los Angeles Design Festival 
Branding, Web Design

This project is a rebranding exercise for the LA Design Festival. Using the four letters, “LADF,” I’ve designed a mark used to contain and exhibit featured work, similar to a design festival. The entire brand identity reflects the fresh and contemporary design scene as well as the vibrant and sunny city of Los Angeles.

First Generation Creatives
Editorial, Web Design

To pay tribute to first generation and immigrant artists that are great influences and inspirations to myself as a young first generation American, I’ve designed my references in and A to Z convention. In school, we aren’t exposed to many artists of color. As I got older, my vocabulary grew and I realized that I was more drawn to artists whose stories that I could relate to. With this book, I want to showcase the artists’ work as well as how their background impacts their own practice.

Boston University Libraries
Digital and Print Design

Since junior year, I have been a part of the Anita Greene Scholar program for the Mugar Memorial Library at Boston University. We have weekly meetings and I design posters, stickers, bookmarks, social media posts, and digital media that is posted around the library and the Boston University campus.

Boston Public Library

This project is a rebranding exercise for the Boston Public Library. The BPL is a historical landmark in the heart of Boston, yet their branding doesn’t reflect its significance.

The library has two main buildings: the old Johnson Building and the new McKim building. The brand reflects this duality of the old and the new.